Welcome to After Grad Avenues! As you prepare to exit college and enter into the “real world,” deciding whether to pursue a career, apply to graduate school, or travel the world with a backpack and a clean pair of socks is no easy decision.

Join the After Grad’s authors as they discuss graduate school and career considerations. Let us be your guide!



5 responses to “About

  1. Interesting site! I definitely need some advice on what to do after graduation in May!

    We linked to you at jmueats.com so some of our readers can get some help here too!

  2. This is an excellent and appealing guide as you are about to graduate into the “real world”.
    As a postgraduate, this is a refreshing reminder to work on some things that I have been taking for granted during an interview. Thank you!
    I do find it worthy to note, particularly in this economy, that even if you don’t land your dream job at first-don’t get discouraged, it does take time and PATIENCE. Keep pressing and before you know it…you will get there. All the best to the new graduates!

    • Ayesha, Thank you for your comment and insight. I completely agree and identify with your comments. Look back for more tips and insights!

      Best Wishes,

  3. Very informative and direct. Good for all ages, especially in today’s economy. A good refresher, even for those who have interviewed numerous times in our career. I am very proud of you and your colleagues, Jessica.

  4. This site is very easy to navigate around and informative; a pleasure to know this was created by young folks with the future in mind. Kudos to Jessica and her group for their efforts!

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