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Stuck in a Rut? Get a Coach!

If you believe you have done everything you possibly can to find a job and you are just not having any luck, then perhaps it is time for you to hire a career coach! Yes, the current state of the economy is not ideal for spending money on the non-essential but this may be the solution for you! d_coach


These coaches provide sessions where they will help you to strategize and plan, and are usually around at any time to provide advice or answer questions until you feel comfortable on your own. The International Coaching Federation is one of the free resources available online to help you find the perfect coach if you do not already have a referral from another source.

Remember, when weighing the cost of how much money you will spend paying for this information and the amount of time you will lose by doing the search on your own, you should know that the average hour-long session is around $200. Also, keep in mind that a coach will help you along the way, but they are not recruiters. The coach will most likely only refer you when he or she is confident in your abilities.

I know I made the decision to hire a coach to help me find the right college in high school and though it was pricey as well, it was very helpful. However, it is not right for everyone. So if you have the money, and you have already done everything we have told you to do on our blog and you are still having trouble, take some time to research this option.



Set Your Agenda!

Do you want to be successful in finding a new career or job? Who doesn’t? Well, the first step is setting an agenda. This is useful to both those just entering the work force, as well as those getting back into it, or even when coming from another job.

The primary goal of your agenda is to focus yourself. Set your goals and know your goals so that you can choose up to three jobs to really go after. Once you have decided on the few jobs you really want to pursue, you can put all your effort into making your resume, cover letters, etc., perfect for those positions! This way you are not sending out a ton of sub-par resumes, but around three truly solid ones. (It is always good to send out your resume, even if it is for a job that is not your primary target).


It is important to not only set this agenda, but to really stick to it and continue to follow it throughout your entire job search. Do everything you possibly can to be consistent with your goals. Also, be ambitious and seek out all of your potential connections through networking. Do your research and jump at any occasion that will help guide you further in your search.

It is difficult to be so dedicated to pursuing your career, however I assure you it will pay off!

Job Seekers on the Web

LinkedIn seems to be the hottest place these days for the currently laid off as well as the job seekers. Don’t be afraid to change your status from “current” to “past”, employers are still looking to hire, and you could be just what they are looking for!

These are the results of the networking recession. With the small amount of jobs available right now, people are turning to who they know personally, to get the job taken care of. Millions in the work force are turning to social networking sites such as LinkedIn, which has 37 million members. According to David Hahn, LinkedIn’s director of product management, job searches on the site rose 51% in February over December.linkedin_logo

The more traditional job sites, such as CareerBuilder, Monster and Yahoo HotJobs are still gaining large amounts of traffic and the amount of users is quickly growing as well. Job seekers are really reaching out to the networks of Twitter and Facebook as well and blogging tremendously.

This may not be wonderful news to the older generations, however, this is wonderful for the web 2.0 savvy millennials, like yourselves!

Make sure to create a profile on all of these social networking sites. Be sure to keep them updated regularly so that you are presenting yourself well, and rest easy knowing that you are being pro-active in this recession that relies on networking!

Internships: “A Foot in the Door”

Since the beginning of this school year, I pretty much knew that I wanted to go to grad school right out of undergrad.  I knew finding a job would be very difficult and I figured I was in “school” mode anyway.  Luckily, I applied to American University for their masters’ program and was accepted.  As a result, I am pumped about graduation while most of my friends are dreading it and the job hunt to follow.

Since the launch of our blog, I have mostly posted about grad school. But after attending my admitted student orientation at AU this weekend, I’d like to offer some advice to those of you who will be looking for jobs after graduation…

300_23597During the 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. orientation at AU, one item seemed to be emphasized above any other.  Internships.  Internships are the perfect way to get your foot in the door.  Now I know in this time of economic trouble, earning money is very critical.  But if you have enough financial resources to take an internship (paid or unpaid), it is probably the way to go.  Jobs are scarce and more and more people are competing for them.  Why not take an internship where you would love to work, show them how awesome you are, and maybe turn that internship into a job?  Even if you aren’t offered a job, the internship is a fabulous networking and recommendation resource.  

So for all you soon-to-be job seekers out there, I would highly suggest the internship route.  It is a great way to gain useful experience, expand your social network, and possibly lead to that job.


We’re all familiar with web 2.0 and all of the social media outlets at our finger tips today. The twitter phenomenon happening all around us is an excellent tool for not only networking, but much more. A fairly new service for twitter has been created, called TweetMyJobs! It is a part of twitter that allows for employers, recruiters and job seekers to come together and find the best of the best. tweetmyjobs-square-b_bigger

If you are looking for hire, all you have to do is have a twitter account and sign up at TweetMyJobs!, and you will have notifications sent straight to your computer or phone when a job comes about that is perfect for you in type and geographic location. It is a great resource to use even if you are not looking for a new job, you never know when a great opportunity might pop up that interests you. So do yourself a favor and sign up today!

Use Your Resources

The stoplight is red. A quick blink of the eye, also known as four years in college, and the light turns green. Soon-to-be college graduates enter the fast lane of  the “real world” and soon realize a huge stop sign labeled “Find a Job” is blocking their path. As young professional we need to use all available resources to aid in the job search process. These resources are fairly easy to find and can lead to a world of possibilities.

  • Your professional networkStart contacting old employers, friends of the family, and other people in your network for possible job opportunities. This is the perfect time to call your old basketball coach that happens to work in your chosen field. These individuals often possess the “insider’s scoop” and can offer tips and tricks on how to land a position.
  • Online sources- Consult general job search sites such as Monster and Career Builder, as well as professional sites such as PRSA, The Public Relations Society of American, and ANA, The American Nurses Association. These Web sites are filled with job listings, descriptions, and contact information. In addition, scan the classifieds  section of your local newspapers. Most papers operate sites that feature area specific job postings.
  • Social networks– Social networking profiles on sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter are being used to expand networks, and to search for and post job listings.
  • University career centers- Many universities have a career planning center. These staff members provide students’ with a variety of services. For example, James Madison University‘s office of Career and Academic Planning, offers such services as resume reviews, mock interviews, and career fairs to assist the students’ in their after college endeavors.

Above are four areas of resources for those entering the workforce, but there are countless others waiting to be tapped into. Be creative! Think outside the box! And most importantly, don’t let the stops signs leave your immobile. Make certain to use the resources you have to get ahead.