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Recession Proof Jobs

In today’s waning job market, it is important to identify career fields with ample opportunities for employment. I stumbled across the video, “How to find recession proof jobs,” by career consultant Maggie Mistal. In the video Maggie explains which industries are “recession proof” and what skills are transferable to qualify for these positions.


Internships: “A Foot in the Door”

Since the beginning of this school year, I pretty much knew that I wanted to go to grad school right out of undergrad.  I knew finding a job would be very difficult and I figured I was in “school” mode anyway.  Luckily, I applied to American University for their masters’ program and was accepted.  As a result, I am pumped about graduation while most of my friends are dreading it and the job hunt to follow.

Since the launch of our blog, I have mostly posted about grad school. But after attending my admitted student orientation at AU this weekend, I’d like to offer some advice to those of you who will be looking for jobs after graduation…

300_23597During the 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. orientation at AU, one item seemed to be emphasized above any other.  Internships.  Internships are the perfect way to get your foot in the door.  Now I know in this time of economic trouble, earning money is very critical.  But if you have enough financial resources to take an internship (paid or unpaid), it is probably the way to go.  Jobs are scarce and more and more people are competing for them.  Why not take an internship where you would love to work, show them how awesome you are, and maybe turn that internship into a job?  Even if you aren’t offered a job, the internship is a fabulous networking and recommendation resource.  

So for all you soon-to-be job seekers out there, I would highly suggest the internship route.  It is a great way to gain useful experience, expand your social network, and possibly lead to that job.