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Helpful Encouragement for the Class of 2009

Unemployment may be at a 25-year high but there is still hope for the soon graduating college students! NY Times recently wrote an article titled “All is Not Lost for the Class of 2009” giving the class positive encouragement on finding a job in today’s economy:

The first thing that is so important for college job seekers is to adjust your expectations on your first job. This includes the pay, the location, and the job description. If your a public relations major, you don’t have to work for a public relations firm. Look for jobs in company communication departments or non-profits and apply for jobs that need any kind of communication background.

Use the big job board sites to search for job listings and try ones that are focused on recent graduates like Collegerecruiter.com. Also check the corporate and big business website to check their own personal job listings.

Another great suggestion the article makes is to look for unpaid work that you can do to gain experience and connections. Contact organizations and non-profits and ask if you can work an unpaid entry-level position. Hopefully you can impress them enough that they will want to hire you for the long run, or at least you will learn alot in your field and make vital industry connections.

You can use social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to find job leads, as long as you use them correctly. Do not use your Facebook as a networking tool if you have pictures of you out drinking with your friends and other inappropriate information on your profile. Use Twitter to follow people in your industry and companies you might be interested in. Sometimes they might post some job openings or useful information for you. Also use LinkedIn to introduce yourself to an employee in your industry. Message them and see if they would be interested to meet you for a quick information session. Do not ask or show interest in looking for a job in the company, make sure it is stricktly for information.

Lastly, being forced to work for a restaurant or retail store in order to pay your bills while you are job searching is totally OK. These jobs on your resume might even help you land your desired career because they show you have experience and certain skills that might be desirable to your employer. So don’t be afraid to work at Starbucks while your trying to find that yearly salary job you need and want!

So don’t give up Class of 2009! We can do it!


Job Seekers on the Web

LinkedIn seems to be the hottest place these days for the currently laid off as well as the job seekers. Don’t be afraid to change your status from “current” to “past”, employers are still looking to hire, and you could be just what they are looking for!

These are the results of the networking recession. With the small amount of jobs available right now, people are turning to who they know personally, to get the job taken care of. Millions in the work force are turning to social networking sites such as LinkedIn, which has 37 million members. According to David Hahn, LinkedIn’s director of product management, job searches on the site rose 51% in February over December.linkedin_logo

The more traditional job sites, such as CareerBuilder, Monster and Yahoo HotJobs are still gaining large amounts of traffic and the amount of users is quickly growing as well. Job seekers are really reaching out to the networks of Twitter and Facebook as well and blogging tremendously.

This may not be wonderful news to the older generations, however, this is wonderful for the web 2.0 savvy millennials, like yourselves!

Make sure to create a profile on all of these social networking sites. Be sure to keep them updated regularly so that you are presenting yourself well, and rest easy knowing that you are being pro-active in this recession that relies on networking!